Sunday, February 15, 2009

Class 3 Week 7

End of pantomime assignment. In this exercise we attempt to show thought and change of emotion via body poses. The absence of facial expressions forces us to express attitudes through body posture. I chose to parody The Matrix, since Stwie has no facial features except for the eyes, I thought it was appropriate to re-enact that scene from The Matrix when Neo freaks out as his mouth closes shut and disappears.

During this time I had a chance to visit with my mentor, Kevin Koch where he gave me a tour at his work at Snoot FX in Los Angeles. The level of talent there was intimidating to me, yet inspiring at the same time. Kevin showed me a shot he was animating, and even when the character was in proxy mode, it is amazing how good animation looks so pleasing even on an unfinished model (i.e. a model with no texture and with low poly). We had sushi for lunch at a pizzaria?! Harry Porudominsky, a fellow AM student and an animator at Snoot FX also joined us.

I also had the pleasure of visiting Casey McDermott, my co student from Class 1, who landed a job at Rhythm & Hues. Casey gave me a tour and that place is insanely huge. Casey works next to Tim Granberg, 3 time winner o
f the 11 Second Club. Tim shared some insight on his workflow and was gracious enough to indulge me for an hour at his work station.

All in all it has been an exciting first half of the semester. Next we'll be working with the Bishop character, perhaps AM's most recognized cartoon character.