Sunday, September 28, 2008

End of Class 1

Just got back from a mini vacation so I thought I update this blog. Last week was the end of class 1. There really was no assignment per se but Bobby wanted us to upload a progress reel containing all of our work in the class, so, here it is

I wanted to keep polishing the Laurel & Hardy walk cycle but there seem to be a glitch in the Maya AM tools and since school is out for this week I figured I upload what I got and polish it later. This class has been an eye opener for me when it comes to planning the work. I learned how to plan everything by blocking and layering every detail. I also learned how to exaggerate my poses. Elliott Roberts has been great and gave me a very good review. I will keep in touch with him since I know he has tons more knowledge to offer, besides being a great guy to chat with.

On to Class two.