Sunday, April 20, 2008

Trying out Maya 2008 (or 9.0)

I purchased the Boris rig from Jason Ryan just so I have something to experiment with in Maya while waiting for the Animation Mentor Maya Springboard to start with the Maya section (we're being introduced to the web site for now). I must say that not only is the Boris rig awesome and fun to use, but Jason, his (I presume) wife, Susan, and Lee (Boris rigger) are most helpful when I needed help. Jason even called me by telephone to make sure that he understood my trouble (which was mostly my lack of understanding Maya). You don't get service like that nowadays. Lee resolved the issue and that is my first rendered pose of Boris - I'm pretty happy with it.


Chakri. said...

hi there...
congrats for getting Boris rig.fantastic rig.good pose.
all the best.
keep animating.bye.

DV CharacterAnimator said...

I agree with chakri, great pose. I will be getting my boris rig tomorrow.... so excited. I too am really new to 3D animation, even though I have been learning on my own for like 8 years I haven't had the time, nor resources that I do now. I hope to attend AM next summer when I finish up my undergrad but for now I will be learning what I can and hopefully jason ryan's webpage and tutorials will be up soon!!! sweet!! Good luck with everything, I'll be keeping up with your work.

Dhar said...

Oh, gee, thank you guys. I wish this blog notifies me when comments are posted. I really appreciate your input.

Yeah, I've dabbled with animation since early 1980. The advent of computer graphics just blew my mind and made me want to get into it even more. I have been using Animation:Master since 1999 with the last two years spent as a volunteer animator on the Tin Woodman of Oz film project. It was a good experience for me to get a small taste of working on big projects. But I realized that I needed serious animation curriculum to get where I want to be, which is why I joined Animation Mentor.

I'll be checking your blogs next :)

Nate Lane said...

Awesome. Nice to hear that you are going to start to take animation seriously. You've been playing with it since the early 80's !? haha, I wasn't even born yet.

Anyways, well we all may be extremely different people, but it seems that we all share the same goal. I'm going to be joining up with AM 2 years from now. Yes it's a long time, but thats the soonest that I can possibly do it :( . Those 2 years will fly by like nothing I'm sure!

Best of luck man! and nice pose too :)

Robert said...

Good luck, Dhar!

May all your poses be strong and may all your inbetweens be in between them.

Dhar said...

Robert my friend, thank you so much for checking out my blog, it means a lot to me. I'm kinda venting off over at luckbat's forum I feel lik I need to let things off mychest a little before I continue on with my journey.

Anyway its great to hear from you. Keep up the good work.