Sunday, September 28, 2008

End of Class 1

Just got back from a mini vacation so I thought I update this blog. Last week was the end of class 1. There really was no assignment per se but Bobby wanted us to upload a progress reel containing all of our work in the class, so, here it is

I wanted to keep polishing the Laurel & Hardy walk cycle but there seem to be a glitch in the Maya AM tools and since school is out for this week I figured I upload what I got and polish it later. This class has been an eye opener for me when it comes to planning the work. I learned how to plan everything by blocking and layering every detail. I also learned how to exaggerate my poses. Elliott Roberts has been great and gave me a very good review. I will keep in touch with him since I know he has tons more knowledge to offer, besides being a great guy to chat with.

On to Class two.


teresa said...

You have made such tremendous progress! I am so proud!
I absolutely cannot wait to see what great work you produce next!

d. vasquez said...

Great job Dhar! It looks like your work is getting better as the classes are rolling on... you will be working in film in no time!! keep up the good work man!