Saturday, January 17, 2009

Class 302 UPDATE!

Major development happened this week. I switched places with another student and my mentor now is Kevin Koch. A 13 year animation veteran who gave up neuroscience and doctoring to become an animator. There is something about Kevin' no nonsense approach of critiquing that attracts me. He dissects his students' work with the precision and detail of a brain surgeon. I am old school and his approach suits me fine. I learn more from a drill seargent style than I would from 'explore your options' type. I feel that I should only explore my options AFTER mastering the foundations and principles of acting and animation.

Kevin worked on all the hand-drawn films ("Prince of Egypt" to "Sinbad"), clawing his way from the clean-up department to the animation department on "Spirit." Transitioned to CG for "Shrek 2" and then "Madagascar" and "Over the Hedge".


teresa said...

Oh, you'll learn a ton from Kevin! I never had him as a mentor, but I've learned a lot just by reading his posts!
Have a great term Dhar!

Dhar said...

Thank you Teresa. Just got done with my 1st Q&A with him, he has a lot to say, which is great. The man is so helpful, he covers anything from Maya tools, to workflow, to story fundamentals. He has a wealth of knowledge and he is not afraid to share them. I am so glad I'm in his class. And I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU - OWWWW!

Alonso said...

My last mentor was Kevin, he knows a lot. All of our Q&A's I took notes on and posted in the forums (if you want to dig through the archives). I assume you know of his great blog, worth checking out because he has a workflow walk thru, which shows how he works which he always had trouble explaining :)