Monday, May 5, 2008

Class 1

Just got done with Class 1 of Animation Mentor's Maya Springboard. Anthony Travieso (our class mentor) was superb. He was fun to chat with and the session was crammed with information about using Maya and he knows his stuff. The live cam sessions are great - so much better than typing :P The time went by fast and I was able to use the Cintiq as a dual monitor where the session is on one screen and work on Maya on the other. I am liking the Maya software very much. The people in the class are some of the nicest people.

First impressions? This is going to be a great ride.


DV CharacterAnimator said...

Dhar, that is so cool you just finished day one of the springboard!! Probably getting you very excited for AM to start... but your almost there!! I can't wait to see your work... I will definitely keep checking your stuff. Have you happened to do anything new with flipbook, or your cintiq. I'm just finishing up a new ball bounce with my new 12" cintiq (I don't have much money) and I love the thing!! Take care.

Dhar said...

Hi Darrell. Congrats on your Cintiq. I haven't done anything with FlipBook because I was waiting for my 2Gig extra RAM memory sticks AND my NVIDIA 8400GS video card to arrive. I installed the stuff and upgraded my computer just in time for the first class (I am not doing that again cuz if something went wrong.....) So now I have dual monitor capability and I was able to follow the tutorial on one screen while working on theother. The Cintiq can work as a second monitor and that made life so much easier.

teresa said...

Hey Dhar,
Glad to hear you're enjoying Maya springboard!
I haven't seen the link to the replay of Bobby's webinar yet...but I'm sure he will post it as soon as it's up. I'll let you know when I find out.
I'm so jealous of you...I'm dying to get a cintiq...and my birthday is next Wednesday and that's the only idea I have, lol...little to pricey for mi padres :)
I've been scouring the internet for good deals on the 12" one...fingers crossed!

Dhar said...

Hey Woot, glad you dropped by.

AM sent me the rerun link, so I was able to watch it. Thanks. Aja is such an inspiration, and what a lucky girl to get all those breaks. I hope you'll make to Pixar soon.

I have not seen any used Cintiq for cheap. I checked ebay and they're all full price (some are even more than if you get it at Wacom's site). It is definitely a hot commodity right now. Tablet PCs are cheaper and do the same thing as Cintiq, you may consider that option. That's what Jason Ryan is using - I think.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by, best of luck :)