Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Animation History

I was searching for some old college notes when I stumbled on my old Animation history that I thought is worth preserving in cyberspace. Its my first Super8 movie camera with single frame capability that I bought from a camera store in Laguna Hills (I believe it was on Alicia Pkwy), still in its original box with the peripherals that came with it. I may have only used it for a year or so. I'm amazed how well it still looks.

As I opened the film bay to take pictures of it, lo and behold there is a Super8 Kodak film still in it!

I have no idea what is on the film (if anything). It's been over 25 years and I don't remember. I'm not sure if I should take it in and get it developed. I don't know if its still any good, or if any photo stores left that develop Super8's. But, that was how I was geting into being an independant animator.

I also found my pegboard

and animation paper and cells.

I threw away the animation paint when they dried up. I bought the stuff from before there was computers or internet. I'm glad to see them survive to this day. I can't seem to find the grid sheet that had the TV safe borders. Oh well, nothing lasts forever.

It was a time of discovery and dreams. I just can't imagine myself now drawing frame by frame - then shooting the film, frame by frame, have it developed, put it in the movie projector only to find out what timing and spacing that needs to be changed or tweaked.

We've come a long way haven't we?


Nate Lane said...

Thants awesome man! sometimes I wish I was around to experience the good old fashioned ways. Today people always seem to want results immediately. I would much rather of lived 50 years ago in the golden age, having to wait so long to see your shots, rather than now. This world is too fast for me. People just need to relax hehe :D. But don't get me wrong, the technology nowadays is great, it's just that people get lost in it and forget what it's all about. I think it's awesome that you lived through it. You'll always have something kids like me will never have :). I'm jealous :D

Thanks for sharing. Hope all goes well with AM :)


Helmy said...

Hi Dar!
You found BRAND NEW 25 years old camera!! its amazing, you even still keep 'em in its box, and everything seem still intact.. hehehe.. how on earth did you do that? you must be living in museum or something.. heheh.. joke!

anyway, good luck with AM!!