Thursday, June 12, 2008

End of Maya Springboard

Maya Springboard last session was last night. My thoughts are that it was a very positive experience to learn about Animation Mentor's way of teaching and culture. The first half of the semester was all about learning how to navigate the online school structure and what to expect once the classes start and how to interact with mentors and students.

The second half was all about learning the Maya software. Kudos to AM for making learning Maya easy and fun. It was a combination of video tutorials and live Q&A sessions. The rigs that AM provides make animating them easy. Here is my last two assignments. Visiting the other Maya classes was also fun. Seeing other students work and exchanging comments helps in assessing our progress. Looking forward to the next semester which I will chronicle in another blog.


Heather said...

Hey Dhar,
Wow!! I'm really pumped and excited now. :O) I can't wait to see the work you create next semester. I'm sure it will be awesome.

I just recently have heard from other AM Maya class students that the class was not worth it. That the class started to teach Maya in the 11th week. I am going to take the class even though

I have heard these statements. I was just wondering if you had an opinion?

Dhar said...

Well, for me, who have never used Maya before, was well worth it. As I said before, the Maya class doesn't actually start until half way thru the semester, but that's because AM wants you to get used to the curriculum. I remember getting a little impatient, but, I am glad AM made the pace slow just so that things sink in real well before starting the real classes. I think it is of utmost importance that things such as knowing how to use the site and how to operate Maya do not hinder the learning process.

I understand kids, by nature and throughout the ages, are impatient, and maybe that is what's tainting their judgement. The Maya Springboard class is not a prerequisite and you could very well start the animation classes and take a chance at learning Maya and the site at the same time. Teresa did it :)

In my opinion, it was well worth it.

Heather said...

I believe the same thing. I know nothing of Maya... and I welcome the chance to take things a little slower. Besides there is nothing wrong with having a leg up on the first class.

Great Advice Dhar!

Kotaro said...

What type of stuff do they teach during the springboard class?

Because I have been working for maya for about a year, and I think I know how to navigate it pretty well and know how to use it pretty well too.

But it seems like a good way to know about the online campus and stuff!

Dhar said...

If you've been using Maya for a year then I can't think of anything new that you will learn. The Springboard session is familiarizing you with basic creation of sapes, how to put the shapes together to make a very rudementary model. Basic lighting, basic shading, basic camera import. Then, using AM's models, its all about global channels, keyframing, render settings etc..etc.

As for the campus, if you know how to navigate forums, upload and download files, then that is something that, I think, can be learned quite quickly.

So, for you Kotaro, you can probably pass on it.

Adam said...

Hey there. I found your site via a search term in Google and I hope you sont mind me posting. I hope these comments are still being monitored to get a reply!

I'm an animation student at a university but am switching to AM in March 09 which I am very excited about. My issue is weather or not I should take the Springboard class myself. I have used Maya personally in school for years. BUT I have not ever gone super deep with it. I know next to nothing about the deeper animation controls as far as Graph editor and such.

That being said I am still thinking about taking the Springboard. If nothing else it will get me use to AM and be kind of as easy lead in for the full classes which will no doubt be the hardest things Ive ever did in my life as far as time management.

I'm also not up on the most current version of Maya, 2008, and I dont know how much it changed from 2008 from the other versions.

Also I read that the springboard class is about to go up in price a good amount. Still alot cheaper than class 1 though, but I wonder if they are adding/changing anything.

Thanks. Oh and you must of taken a class by now is it? You are probably in class 2 by now I'd guess.

Dhar said...

Hi Adam, sorry I haven't checked my older posts. I hope you've subscribed so that you are informed when your posts are answered. Yes, I am almost at the end of class 2. It has been a great class and the learning curve keeps getting steeper. I can't stress it enough how helpful the Maya Springboard Class has been for me. And it doesn't stop there because after you graduate to the regular classes, there is a live Tech Q&A session every Tuesday evening where any student can ask more complex Maya questions to help you with his/er assignments. Best of luck to you and get ready for a great ride :o)