Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Maya Springboard

Only one week left for Animation Mentor's Maya Springboard and I thought I share some of my work :)

This first one is learning how to model basic shapes in Maya as well as adding shades, textures, lighting, and cameras. (The robot I imported for fun - I did not model)

Then some basic animations to get used to the tools in Maya. I am impressed with this software, feels smooth to operate.

This last one I did in FlipBook to have a good idea of how things will work out before working in Maya.


Heather said...

I am about to start this same program with AM, it was nice to read your blog. It has been a great way to prepare me. thanks and hope to see you at AM :O)

Dhar said...

Hi Heather - thanks for checking out my blog I'm happy you found it of some help.

You're in for a treat at the Maya Springboard. Animation Mentor has simplified the approach to learning Maya which is quite encouraging. This class is also a great intro to the website, which is filled with training tutorial videos, communiques, and what have you. So, have your web cam set up (remember to have a light on your face and darken your background, make sure your mic works and whatever you need to take notes.

I checked out your blog, my goodness! you are an awesome artist. You're going to be great at animation, so, all the best to you, and keep in touch fellow AMer ;)

Heather said...

Could you email me your name or simply tell me here, that way we can find each other on Animation Mentor. Thanks a ton for the advice!!

Dhar said...

My name is on the banner, Dhar Jabouri. AM only uses the student's full name - no user name of your choice, which is OK, I guess, being a secured website. The "cruise the campus" feature is limited to the Maya Springboard at first, but once in the main curriculum then you'll be able to check out everyone else's work.

I'll be looking for you next semester :0D

Heather said...

Is the "cruise the campus" REALLY limited? what are you restricted from?

Dhar said...

You're restricted from going into advanced classes (the regular AM clases). Maya Sprinboard is not a prerequisite to advance to the next class, which is why it is sometimes referred to as semester zero. It is strictly voluntary but highly recommended.

Shawn Kelly himself advised me to take Maya Springboard, which is why I am taking it, and I am glad he suggested it, even though I have knowledge of other 3D softwares. But to learn Maya strictly to advance in AM is what makes it all the worthwhile for me. Moreover, it will help me focus on the regular classes than having to learn both Maya and the lesson.

I personally think AM should make Maya Springboard a prerequisite to enter the regular classes. It will make it that much easier to get the most out of the lessons.

Heather said...

are you allowed into the forums?
And once again thanks a bunch for the insight! (:

Dhar said...

There are forums? LOL

Well, obviously not.

Heather said...

where are you allowed? :O)

Dhar said...

Only the Maya Springboard classes.

Heather said...

Ah, I see. Thank you for answering all my questions. I'd like to keep in contact with you if that it alright. It was nice chatting with you. :O)

Heather Kilber*

Dhar said...

The pleasure was all mine, Heather. Keep your drawing pad handy so you can draw people wherever you go.


Kotaro said...

thanks for you advice!

actually I started on something else because I think I got a better idea...

I posted it up on 11second club actually.

I changed it because I think it would've been easier to show the guys emotion and stuff thru the other story.

but I am going to keep that story in mind actually. and probably animate it later!

teresa said...

Hey Dhar!
My dad actually won't be coming down with me to the bbq...but my boyfriend will be there. So you can meet him :)
Glad to hear you're enjoying Maya springboard...not too much longer and you'll be in class 1!
They didn't offer Maya springboard when I started, but with the help of their training videos I caught on super fast. I actually caught on faster to Maya than I did to A:M :)
heheh anyways, cya soon!

Kotaro said...

hey again!

If you need help in maya or anything you can just ask me! Because I have been working with maya for about a year before actually starting animation.. Because I thought I would like to get into special effects/modeling/lighting.. But I never really got into it.

But yea, sorry for the whole story!

Just drop by sometimes if you need help!

Nate Lane said...

Awesome Dhar. Best of luck man :) I'm sure you'll do awesome! Glad to hear that the pre course went well :)

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