Friday, August 1, 2008

Class 101 Update

I figured its August and I better show some of the work so far;

Emphasis on clear poses, there was no specific pose required, just anything that we sketched during the week. My son Jared helped me with some yard work and this is the pose I chose for the assignment; pulling tree branches.

The first animation exercise, the famous bouncing ball. It is amazing how hard this exercise is in spite of its simplicity. The y axis (hight) and its relation to the x axis (distance) need not be mathematically correct, believability is what we're after. And if you add an x rotation, things get pretty intersting

Sketches and pose of an excited person:

More fun with bouncing balls, this time exhibiting two different weights:

Pose expressing devastation;

And more bouncing ball but this time we put it through an obstacle course and use squash and stretch and exaggeration, two of the fundamental principle in animation

So far the experience has been wonderful. I enjoy being among like minded people and everybody at Animation Mentor has been helpful and a joy to know and learn from.


skarab said...

Hi Dhar-
What fun, inspiring work! I don't know if I knew you were enrolling in AM, but congratulations and keep it up.

So are you now a Maya-head or do you still muck around in AnimationMaster these days?


Dhar said...

Gerry! Buddy :D so good of you to drop by. Thanks for the comments.

At the moment, due to how busy Animation Mentor keeps me, I really have no time for aything else. I'm not sure how AnimationMaster will play for me in the future. It is definitely a great program to get one's feet wet in 3D animation, but, unfortunately, it can't seem to get out of that 'entry level' status.

I hope things are well with you and your web comic as well.


Robert said...

Hi Dhar, Good looking poses! You're bounces look like they are bouncing well [although I think that "light ball" is taking off a bit too fast on the first bounce ;-) ]

Onward and upward!

Dhar said...

Hi Robert, long time no see, how you been? I am having a blast at AM. Come see some old buddies here