Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Class 4 (Advanced Acting) Begins

Mentor Nicole Herr, a career animator who grew up in an artistic environment has an impressive amount of experience in the industry too long to mention. I watched Nicole's ecritiques in other classes at Animation Mentor and her approach is direct, short and to the point, but with just the right amount of humor thrown in to illustrate a point. I find her style of mentoring palatable and her extensive knowledge of the profession reassuring.

Among her many great accomplishments are these hits

Some of the students that I will share the class with again are Rachel Hanson, Dylan Hunter, and Peter Huh who was with me in the Maya Springboard class.The rest of the class has an impressive level of talent and imagination which is always great to help feed each other inspiration and trigger original ideas and discussions.

I am super excited to get started on the facial animation of my last shot from Kevin's class as well as to delve into the two person dialogue.

The journey continues.

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skarab said...

Hi Dhar, just checking in on your blog and AM progress. I'm jealous! It's great to see your progress and inside stories. I'll be back!