Monday, March 23, 2009

End of Class 3

So, this is the last week of Class 3. It has been by far the most informative and challenging term. Kevin Koch is a special mentor. He gives the longest and most detailed ecritiques than any other mentor, by far. The immense knowledge that he shared with the class will be with me forever. No moment was wasted in any of the Q&As, that's because he always came prepared with notes or a topic he or the students wanted to discuss.

The weekly lectures were phenomenal in their content. They were given by leading industry animators. The subjects covered pantomime acting, body language and gestures, secondary actions, phrasing, dialogue, eye blinks, entertainment principles, hand gestures, and sincerity in acting. Some of the lectures were step by step walk through while others covered broad principles.

I am not going to post the dialogue shot that I worked on since it won't be finished until the first quarter of the next semester where we'll be working on facial expressions, so, stay tuned for that one.

On to Class 4


Robert said...

Hey Dhar!

I'm glad you're having a good mentor experience. I recall one mentor I had (who shall remain nameless) was pretty hopeless to pose any questions to about material in the lecture videos because... he never watched them!

Busy professional and all that. :D

Dhar said...

LOL, that's hard to believe, but it happens, I guess. My attitude is that I will get out of it what I put into it. Peter Kelly (Class 2 Mentor) made it a point to actually discuss the lecture videos in his Q&A.

Yeah, so far I have no complaints :o)